Booster construction
Made of 1, 2 or more service electric pumps also version with Jockey Pump , (centrifugal, jet, mulstistage horizontal and vertical), with controls either electric, electronic or with variable speed inverter (with frequency control with modulation: to make an “Intelligent Pump”) with high efficiency and lower power consumption and energy saving to meet EU Classes  recommendations and according to Kyoto Protocol, with a wide range of settings, protections also with remote control.  

Drinking Potable water applications. Raising water for general use from varied sources: residential, civil, agricultural and industrial uses; providing sufficient water delivery to meet users’ demand and maintaining a sufficient minimum pressure in the system to ensure that the water reaches all points of demand: it enables the system to constantly adapt to your demands. Ideal to make up for insufficient pressure or shortages of water supply from the public water supplier or for water supply from varied sources (tanks, wells, etc.).
They are widely used also in agricultural and industrial applications where variable capacities at a constant pressure are required.  

Innovations and Specialties
Special executions built with materials, (i.e. all stainless steel) following EU Directive 98/83/CE referring to waters for human consumption.

We build on demand Special Booster Sets for the most efficient and effective handling of Water Resources, for lower Power Consumption and Energy Saving according to Kyoto Protocol also through the use of Alternative Energy Sources. Water Turbines for the production of Green Energy.  

Ranges of Performance:
•  Capacity (flow rate) up to 400 m3/h
•  Head up to 260 m
•  Powers from 0.37 ÷ 22 kW  

EFFICIENCY LEVELS FOR THREE PHASE MOTORS to IEC 60034-30 when applicable or required:
IE1 = Standard Efficiency.
IE2 = High Efficiency (comparable to USA EPACT 60Hz).
IE3 = Premium Efficiency (comparable to USA “NEMA Premium 60Hz).           
Ecodesign EUP Directive 200532/EC and Commision Regulation EC 640/2009.  

Sets Controlled by:
• Electric Panel Starter  and Pressure Switch with Tank and 1 - 2 or more Pumps
• TC Drive Twin-Electronic Pump Controller for 1 or 2 Pumps
• Variable Speed Inverter V or T Drive with 1 - 2 or more Pumps