Efficiency Levels for Three Phase Motors to IEC 60034-30
IE1 = Standard Efficiency
IE2 = High Efficiency (comparable to USA EPACT 60Hz)
IE3 = Premium Efficiency (comparable to USA “NEMA Premium 60Hz)Ecodesign EUP Directive 200532/EC and Commision Regulation EC 640/2009.

Motor construction
Asynchronous Induction Compact AC Power in Standard or Custom Designs.Totally enclosed fan ventilated ranges for industrial applications.Single phase and three phase.Standards: Powers and Frames to IEC, IEC 60072-1, IEC 60034-7, IEC 60034-1, IEC 60034-5, EN 50347. With frame sizes from 56 to 400 with construction forms footmounted or flangemounted B3, B5, B14, B3/B5, B3/B14 and special executions on demand. From 2 to 8 pole and with double polarity and also with Variable Speed Inverter control (frequency control with modulation), soft-starters and controls. Stator frames and shields made of die-cast aluminium or cast iron; ball bearings with double screen, silent: they do not require maintenance; steel or stainless steel shafts. Degree of protection IP44, other degrees available on request. Insulation Class F or B and other classes available on request, in an ambient temperature not exceeding 40 DEG.C., and at an altitude not exceeding 1000 metres.

Single Phase: 230 V
Three Phase: 3 kW and below 230/400 V
                  4 kW and above 400/690 V
                  Other voltages available on request.

50 Hz Standard
60 Hz available all throughout the range.

Innovations and Specialties
Windings in Class F with copper wiring in class H2 with impregnation in Class H.
Tropicalization on request. Flame-proof versions available – motors for hazardous areas - following Directive 94/9/EC ATEX  for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres Eexd (motors compatible with explosive athmosphere that are mixed or inflammable: air, gases and dust). Low Voltage executions for use in installations with safety rules against electrocution.
DC motors and low voltage motors available on demand all throughout the ranges.
AC and DC Brake Motors also available. Asynchronous and Synchronous Generators suitable for Hydropower, Marine and Industrial Applications.
Mains and Inverter supply.

Custom Built Special Solutions
Special Executions available with special voltages, special shafts and special flanges.

Important: we also supply motors components like Wound Stators and Rotor Shafts made to custom designs for customers individual requirements.

Frame Sizes from 56 to 500.
Powers from 0.17 to 560 kW.