The Company was founded by Valerio Costenaro in 1976 in Marostica in the high technology region of VENETO, (Venice Region, North-east Italy).
The company has flourished by the design and manufacture of an expanding range of pumps, booster sets, motors and associated fittings for their installation, built-to-order and Custom made units with a worldwide distribution.


Main Features and Advantages:

High Value Quality Pumps and Motors.

Our Quality is the result of more than 36 years Experience made of hard daily work, deep problem understanding with solutions implemented, thorough hard comformity tests for every production phase, strict field performance tests, hard durability tests, distructive tests, ISO conformity methods and full adherence to our strict tough Standards according to the innovative worldwide tested and fully reliable Valco Quality Method©.

Service Back up and Spare Parts Supply

Service and Backup Support and rapid Supply of our Genuine Spares: organized in providing the Spare Parts even after 30 years operation and with a Worldwide Network of Service Centres with Specialists trained to Valco Standards. To help our Customers in handling with flexibility and fairness any maintenance and repair problems, Spare Parts are supplied to our Customers at special low prices.

Partnership and Co-operation

Our Company Growth from the very beginning into the future is based on building of Partnerships. We believe in Partnerships and Co-operation and this ensures us a stable sound constantly innovative Manufacturing and Distribution basis with highest degree of Reliability, utmost Flexibility and high and trustworthy Production Capacity with rapid Lead times to mutual Benefit. We control all phases of the Production Cycle: from Raw materials to finished products and after-sale Service with Maintenance, Repair and Supply of our genuine Spare Parts.
We want to help our Customers to be Successful, by providing the Best Products and the Highest Service at Competitive Market Prices.

Water and Energy Resources

We care for the Full Cycle of Water with the aim of Recovering the maximum amount possible through Renewable Energy Sources and VALCO is is deeply involved to contribute to a better future and we are active with our following Innovative Units:


For the most efficent sustainable use of water and energy resources©.
Always at your Service with exclusive specialised distribution network supporting the customers requirements.

We design and manufacture the most efficient, innovative and competitive pumping and motors solutions for you with flexibility and expertise, meeting your specific requirements with innovation and with trustworthy Care and Service from enquiry to installation all throughout the pump and motor life.