from 3 to 6-inch wells, to NEMA standard and complete with electric motors.

The most complete range of submersible borehole electric pumps to meet all your borehole pumping applications. Suitable to replace standard surface pumps, carrying the advantages of lesser space needed, less maintenance and complete absence of noise.

Pump and Motor construction
From 3 to 6 inch sizes to Nema standard and complete with 2-pole electric motors, rewindable, 2-wire , 3-wire with control box, oil cooled (prefilled with food grade additives to protect against freeze and rust) and wet type water-cooled executions.  Protection IP68.
Pump ends made of stainless steel, bronze, brass and cast iron.
Impellers in  polycarbonate and technopolymers and thermoplastics, corrosion and abrasion resistant and non-toxic, radial and mixed-flow, brass multivane turbine. Heavy duty stainless steel or cast iron or bronze casting pump enclosure.

For domestic drinking potable water, industrial and agricultural and geothermal applications, to explore geothermal resources for fluids in spas, industry, agriculture and private, community and district heating and in all cases where it is requested to lift water out from below the ground from aquifers and to push it above with pressure: boreholes, bored wells, riverbanks, in-line pressure boosting, dewatering, sprinkler and drip irrigation,greenhouses and gardening, air conditioning, water supply to offshore oil platforms, booster pumping, fire fighting, fountains and water features, large rural irrigation schemes, turf watering installations and stock watering plants, dewatering of mines and excavations, level control (wellpoint) of groundwater waterbeds, sump drainage, artificial snow, solar power, etc.
Water Well Drilling and Perforations. 
Techniques for Searching Underground Waters.
We co-operate with Drillers and Well Operators for Well Examination.

Built-in check valve to protect the pump against water hammer.
Floating Version (F) Sand Resistant: reduces sand locking.

Energy efficient hydraulic design for cost-effective operation. Easy to install and dismantle for service.

Innovations and Specialties
• On demand all wetted parts available with grade 304 or 316 stainless steel or bronze.
• Executions for superior sand handling able to handle a tolerable quantity of sand.
• On demand executions with protector against stray currents.
• Also available Line-shaft turbine units.
• DC motors versions available.
Intelligent Control systems: Electric, Electronic Controls Panels also with Variable Speed Inverters.  All pumps can be supplied with protection and control boxes (panel-starters). Delivery outlets from 1 to 8”.

Energy Saving and Efficiency
We optimize efficiencies for lower power consumption to suit your specific pumping requirements.

Ranges of Performance:
• Capacity (flow rate) up to 63m3/h    
• Head up to 840 m    
• Powers: 0.37 ÷ 37 kW  

Vera™ - Submersible Multistage Borehole for deep wells