FITTINGS a complete line of Fittings for Pumps and Pumping Systems to ensure fast installation and complete success.
Level Control - Float Level Switches for drainage pumps applications, Fluid Level Regulators for wastewater pump stations mercury-free (no mercury) in conformity with EU RoHS directive (2002/95/EC). Stainless Steel Versions for high temperatures. Probes and Sensors for Level, Pressure, Temperature and Flow. Also available Flame-proof executions following ATEX  Directive 94/9/EC for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Pressure and Flow Control - Pressure Switches(Pressostats), Constant Pressure Valcontrols, Electronic Pumpcontrollers and Flow Regulators - it protects the pump from loss of prime and from dry running, eliminating cycling and keeping constant pressure and constant flow. Flow Metering Devices to measure the flow of water or fluid in a circuit. Pressure Gauges (Manometres).

Electric and Electronic Control - Starters, Control Panels and Variable Speed Inverters, (frequency control with modulation),  to control, protect and modulate the pumpset (for submersible borehole, drainage and sewage, surface and booster sets: to make an “Intelligent Pump”). Remote Control Devices.

Hoses and Connectors - Flexible Hoses also in stainless steel corrrosion-proof. 3way and 5way brass connectors.PVC Steel suction Casings and Pipes with screens, well and raising heads, adapters, closing caps for Borehole and Conva Deep Well Pumps. Fittings for Polyethylene Pipes.

Valves - Non return Check , Foot, Ball, Swing Check Valves, made of brass, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, ecological, lead-free, multipurpose, free passage full flow to minimize friction losses and to maximize suction performance of pumps, no-clog, best for drinking water also in acetal resin and polypropylene with available sizes from ½” to 4”. Pressure Reducers and Pressure Stabilizers, Safety Valves, Surge and Pressure Diaphragm Relief Valves to reduce the excess pressure generated to avoid major damages to the equipment -designed to protect systems and persons from the dangers and damages of over pressure in water and heating pipe systems. Flanged Ball Retaining Valves for sewage wastewater pumps and systems. Special Valves for petrol and chemical Industry, off-shore installations and pipelines. High Pressure Valves, Globe Valves for harsh services, check non return Valves to prevent flow reversal in severe applications to ASME, API, DIN, ISO and other Standards.

Filtres with Cartridges - In-Line Cartridge Water Filters with Cartridges. Impurity collecting Filters, Self-Cleaning Filters.

Replaceable Membrane Vessels with Spare Membranes - Replaceable Membrane Vessel Accumulator Draw Off Tanks (diaphragm, bladder and accumulators tanks, reservoirs, deposits, liners, etc.) in coated steel and in stainless steel corrosion-proof and with high quality and long life resistant ecological butyl membrane(also with stainless steel flanges and in all stainless steel execution) suitable for Drinking Water for human consumption  conforming to CE 0036 and requirements PED 97/23/CE, for electric pumps and booster sets. Filtration system tank for Reverse Osmosis. Expansion Tanks for sanitary hot water, for water heaters, for Central Heating and Solar Energy Systems. Vessels for Boilers, Heat Exchangers. Aries Stainless Steel Tanks to act as Water Hammer arrestors- Backflow Preventors and Back Flow Prevention Devices.

Components and Parts for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) - Manifold Connecting Kit for Heating Circuits. Preassembled Manifolds. Circulation Pump Kit with Thermostatic Valves and By-Pass. Hydronic Solutions.

Joining Kits and Electric Cables - Joining Kit to join the electric cable. Electric supply cable for submersible and surface pumps.  

For all above products we supply executions suitable for waters for human consumption following EU Directive 98/83/CE.