Jetdom™ Shallow well jet self priming

with built-in ejector system

Suitable for shallow well lifts down to 8m providing highly efficient self priming performance; for drawing water out of a well, a spring, a reservoir, can draw up water in spite of presence of water-dissolved gases, air, or small quantities of sand . The built-in ejector allows for selfpriming to depths of 8 metres, once the pump body has been primed (we recommend to fit a Foot Valve).
Domestic, civil, agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial, washing and hobby uses, pressure boosting / increasing water pressure, gardening, jet washing, stock watering, dairy washdown, vegetale washing, horticulture, hobby farm, turf irrrigation, water distribution, household, in-ground tank installation, underground water storage tanks installation, fountains, water features and urban decoration, station washing, nurseries, rain water collection, water circulation, mains and municipal boosting.

Self priming pumps: pumps always ready for use.

Can draw up water in spite of presence of gas, air, or small quantities of sand.

Energy efficient hydraulic design for cost-effective operation.

Easy to install and dismantle for service.