Tanks with replaceable membrane, sizes available up to 5.000 litres

REPLACEABLE MEMBRANE TANKS (otherwise called : Vessels, Diaphragm tanks, Bladder tanks, Liners, Reservoirs, Accumullators)

Employed in conjunction with electric pumps in any water raisingpressure system (JetdomTM shallow well, CasalingaTM  turbine, Irrigua-1TM  centrigugal, ConvaTM  deep well, VeraTM  borehole submersible etc.)-
Guarantee regular performance which adapts itself to any difference of draw off - water accumulates within the diaphragm and it is kept under pressure by means of an air cushion (otherwise called: membrane, diaphragm, bladder, bag, pad, etc.) - Diaphragm separates water from air cushion - diaphragm compresses and expands itself according to the variations in the pressure of the system following roughly the law of Boyle and Mariotte on the compression and expansion of gases.

-with Butyl membranes
-Stainless steel versions available